Faddy foodies

I have mentioned the younger generation of my extended family previously.   Youngest (who doesn’t actually contain any of my genes although he’s picked up far to many of my mannerisms) likes junk food. As explained here.  Oldest (that’s this one) doesn’t like food.  That’s not quite true. I shall try to explain…

Kurt Cobain, (famously of popular music group Nirvana, less famously one of the many rock stars who have died aged 27, even less famously one of the characters sketched on my wall of dead stars who died aged 27 ) said “I won’t eat anything green”.

Oldest has taken this to heart.   He has embraced the concept wholeheartedly and I think that the only green thing he has eaten in the last 18 or so years was a special edition Heinz tomato sauce that was green coloured.    He didn’t like that very much either.

He is (and I’m not bragging in any way) a very talented musician.    He can pretty much make a guitar do anything that he wants it to do and has an uncanny knack of picking up an instrument and playing it.   I tried to fool him once by giving him a wide and varied selection of lesser used musical instruments for Christmas.   He’d mastered the Ocarina (it looks like a potato with holes in it) in about 15 minutes.   The Jews Harp quickly followed and he only gave up on the kazoo because he said it tickled his mouth too much.

Regardless, being overly influenced by deceased grunge rock stars can be taken too far.     Oldest only eats food that starts with “Ch”.

It can prove to be entertaining.   Chicken is an obvious winner.    Chicken and chips doubly so.   Chocolate comes in many forms, there is chocolate, chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate (technically this doesn’t start with “ch” but it is close enough) and of course, chocolate chip cookies.   We can also include chow mein and (rather curiously allowing for the bland taste of everything else), chorizo.

Youngest had a desire for Mexican junk food.    “Do you like Mexican food?” I said to the eldest.  “Chilli is okay” he said, “as long as it doesn’t have any of those purple beans in it.  Or tomatoes.  Or rice”.

This is where Google and a little bit of imagination comes in.    “Boys” said I.  We are having a Mexican feast and it will please you both because it could conceivably be purchased at a roadside cafe and full of MSG and it will also contain more “ch” foods than you can possibly imagine.

We had chicken, cheese and chilli chimichangas.

I am so pleased with myself that I must be hell to live with.


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